Our Global Footprint

Our Global Footprint

We are the only end-to-end player in the industry with a leading presence across all geographies, business segments and trade channels, partnering with every player who shares our passion for elevating quality vision care through superior products and services.

Along with our extensive geographical footprint, our 190,000 employees are committed to providing vision care and eyewear products that meet the individual needs and aspirations of each consumer in 150 countries.

Our unique business model and relentless pursuit of operational excellence ensure that consumers everywhere have access to products that have been rigorously tested to meet internationally recognized standards, from the simplest pair of glasses to the most sophisticated custom-made lenses and branded eyewear.

R&D network

Rooted in our origins, innovative thinking has been a strategic focus and a strong competitive advantage for EssilorLuxottica. Today, we operate a global network of over 50 R&D facilities with our global community of approximately 1,000 researchers as well as thousands of experienced engineers and designers committed to making EssilorLuxottica a laboratory for med-tech, innovation and growth. 

Manufacturing network

Our production plants produce lenses that are finished, semi-finished and plano. We also have specific expertise in developing and manufacturing a wide range of plano and prescription sun lenses performing a key role in the Group’s sun lens operations. Overseeing every aspect of our lens business across all stages of the value chain, from design and engineering to store delivery, our goal is to provide consumers everywhere in the world with the best visual experience. Today, we operate 48 mass production facilities across the world - 35 corrective and plano lens mass production facilities plus 13 eyewear mass production plants.

Global eyecare network

1.Operations Global eyecare network


Global eyewear network

2. Operations Global Eyewear Network

Our manufacturing network is complemented by our prescription laboratories. Leveraging a full range of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, the prescription laboratories handle surfacing, polishing, coatings (multilayer and antireflective) and frame integration for the edging and mounting process. This creates a vital link between our production plants and eyecare professionals who place orders for personalized lenses. This level of customization helps address large-scale correction combinations. Today we have a network of 583 prescription laboratories and edging-mounting facilities worldwide, of which 504 are proximity laboratories and 79 are industrial laboratories.


Logistics represents an asset of capacity and expertise for us to provide excellent service and distribution coverage for all our products. We have a global network of 128 distribution centers for lenses, eyewear, contact lenses, instruments, equipment, AFA (apparel, footwear and accessories), marketing materials and advertising as well as store-specific furniture. Situated close to manufacturing sites, these centers coordinate the logistics flow between suppliers, production plants, prescription lens laboratories, wholesale clients, retail stores, and e-commerce customers.


Our Direct to Consumer business represents the Group’s retail business, including the supply of our products and services directly to the end consumer either through the network of physical stores operated by the Group (brick and mortar activities) or online channels (e-commerce). Today, our direct-to-consumer business consists of 13,366 stores and 4,223 franchised locations.

Total Store Count

We also offer consumers around the world a premium online shopping experience.  In 2023 our direct e-commerce activities represented 7% of the Company turnover in the full year, with the Group’s wide variety of key e‑commerce platforms serving as important sales channels to complement its Professional Solutions and brick and mortar activities. Last year, we expanded our direct e‑commerce footprint, featuring 73 banners in 44 countries reaching 500 million visitors every year.

Our Innovation
Our Innovation
Our Business Model
Our Business Model