Our Innovation

Our Innovation

Rooted in our origins, innovative thinking has been a part of our DNA and an important cornerstone of our strategy.

The future of the industry, with all its untapped opportunities, is a source of inspiration that drives us to create, experiment and implement new ideas and technologies - from breakthrough innovation in vision care and eyewear, research of new materials and product development to manufacturing, distribution and digital platforms.

Combining the complementary expertise of two industry pioneers, our R&D teams have brought to life some of the biggest innovations for lenses and frames by experimenting with new technologies, techniques and materials – some of which have never been used in the optical industry before.

A powerful global R&D network
A powerful global R&D network

A drive for excellence coupled with an innovative spirit stand at the forefront of our aspirations. This is why we have built a powerful global R&D network supported by leading scientific, industrial and academic communities and centered on four main initiatives: enhancing vision, upgrading eye exams, powering style and making eyewear smart. To date, we own over 12,000 patents and produce more than 3,500 new eyewear models every year.

A consumer-focused approach to innovation

From product and design innovation to reimagining the consumer experience, our approach to innovation focuses on understanding evolving consumer needs from initial research to product development and wearer testing. Longer life expectancy, changes in consumer lifestyles, evolving vision needs linked to major socio-demographic factors (including intensive digital-screen exposure) and heightened awareness of health-related issues all present both considerable R&D challenges and opportunities for the industry. Moreover, by 2050, over 50% of the world’s population is expected to suffer from myopia, a figure likely to be reinforced by multiple years of pandemic-related lifestyle changes.

Our R&D activities are organized into six areas:

Vision care

EssilorLuxottica’s vision care-related R&D activities target innovations to outperform wearer needs, and create and grow categories in three fields: myopia management and advanced single vision; presbyopia and near-vision management; light management and lens protection. In each of these fields, new products introduced to the market are the result of a gradual process involving several cross-company stakeholders. Today, we have more than 30 years of experience in myopia research and have been developing the myopia control solutions category for over 10 years. To pave the way for innovation and develop our products, we also work alongside many universities, public and private research centers, as well as innovation clusters.

Eyewear design

Our eyewear design and technological innovation-related R&D activities encompass two segments: industrial design and frame technologies. Every collection and frame are the result of an ongoing R&D process that anticipates and interprets the needs, desires and aspirations of consumers all over the world. Designers and engineers are constantly exploring new possibilities to expand the boundaries of the eyewear world, creating models where stylistic innovation is harmoniously combined with the most advanced technologies, and new materials offer the capacity to rethink styles and functionality.

Smart eyewear

Backed by more than 10 years of R&D activities on smart eyewear, the Group draws on the complementary expertise of the unified Group in the research, design, development, integration and production of lenses and frames, to address evolving consumer needs and fully capture the potential of the fast-growing wearables segment.

Sun lenses

With over four decades of experience and research in the field of sun lenses, EssilorLuxottica reinvents the magic of the sun with cutting-edge solutions focused on quality, innovation and fashion to offer consumers an unparalleled optical experience. From first freeform visors to goggles and eyewear, we create and deliver groundbreaking optical sun solutions.


Honoring ourdeep-rooted sense of responsibility, innovation and sustainability are strongly intertwined at EssilorLuxottica. As a leading global Company with a Mission to help people around the world "see more and be more" and in support of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, Eyes on the Planet, we are focused on offering consumers high-quality products, groundbreaking technologies and unique styles, with an ever-decreasing impact on the environment.

Digital transformation

We are tirelessly committed to operational excellence, tapping into new technologies and digital tools to improve the consumer experience. We have invested significantly to digitize from the ground up with initiatives like Leonardo, our innovative learning platform that puts vision care knowledge front and center for the whole industry to benefit from, and the use of big data which helps us and our customers make more informed and effective business decisions. We are also reimagining the patient journey by integrating the latest tele-optometry technology, advanced refraction instruments and doctor-patient communication tools into a cohesive and elevated experience.

Our Committments
Our Committments
Our Global Footprint
Our Global Footprint