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EssilorLuxottica brings together both Essilor and Luxottica’s long history of sustainable development in action and a shared commitment to place ethics and responsibility at the center of all stakeholder interactions.

We believe business has a significant role to play in solving the main challenges which the world is facing today. With a mission to help people see more, be more and live life to its fullest, EssilorLuxottica naturally pledges to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals which form the new global agenda for the development of our societies.

Four fundamental sustainability pillars support the company’s mission and guide us in our efforts to create value in the communities where we do business around the world.

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We seek to develop a culture of learning, diversity and safety among our employees. Our tangible advancements in the workplace, from our women’s leadership programs and training and talent development for rising stars to our focus on the prevention of factory-related injuries, are examples of our actions to engage, grow and protect our employees.

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We are committed to optimizing the use of natural resources across the value chain, from manufacturing to distribution. We do this through water usage and energy reduction programs, as well as sustainable sourcing programs. These help to align our suppliers with our ethical and compliance standards and to encourage responsible practices.

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Having a direct relationship with consumers around the world, we see it as our innate responsibility to lead by example. Because every human being deserves to see clearly, we are fiercely committed to respond to evolving vision correction and vision protection needs with innovative solutions and compelling services; we are also committed to providing eye exams and eyeglasses to people who are most in need. We embark our stakeholders, notably suppliers and customers, in this societal mission whilst seeking to ensure that they respect a common set of working principles.


As citizens of the world and citizens of our own enterprise, we are deeply committed to maintaining the most ethical business practices and to being a role model for the industry. Employees are called upon to act with integrity and professionalism inside and outside the company, following not only the laws and regulations of the regions where they operate, but also the high standards of conduct that both Essilor and Luxottica have developed over the years. Doing the right thing, on behalf of the company, the community and the consumer, is woven into the fabric of EssilorLuxottica.