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EssilorLuxottica brings together both Essilor and Luxottica’s long history of sustainable development in action and a shared commitment to place ethics and responsibility at the center of all stakeholder interactions.

We believe business has a significant role to play in solving the main challenges which the world is facing today. With its Mission to help people “see more, be more and live life to its fullest”, EssilorLuxottica naturally pledges to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals which form the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Three fundamental sustainability pillars support our Mission and guide us in our efforts to create value in the communities where we do business around the world: people, environment and society.

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EssilorLuxottica’s success is deeply intertwined with the over 150,000 employees worldwide who provide products of high technical and stylistic quality together with unparalleled levels of service. The broad spectrum of contexts, cultures and territories in which we operate is a distinguishing trait and unique strength. We seek to develop a culture of learning, diversity and safety among our employees. The way we engage, grow and protect our employees is well exemplified by women’s leadership programs, training and talent development initiatives, focus on the prevention of work-related injuries and employee shareholding.


We are committed to optimizing the use of natural resources and reducing our environmental footprint across the value chain, from manufacturing to distribution.
Among different environmental related topics, reducing energy consumption and water use, addressing climate change and reducing waste generation while increasing valorization of waste are at the forefront of our commitment and actions. We closely monitor our performance and progress on each topic in order to assess the effectiveness of different initiatives and prioritize future actions.

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As every human being deserves to be able to see clearly, we are fiercely committed to respond to evolving vision correction and protection needs with innovative solutions and compelling services. Consideration of local impacts, dialogue with stakeholders and the creation of shared value with partners, suppliers, governments and local communities are essential to achieve this social mission. Our Code of Ethics is the foundation of all business relations and applies to all our stakeholders everywhere and in every circumstance, making it a solid base for fair and honest collaboration.


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