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Proud to belong, in 2019 Ray-Ban celebrates emotions

Unique paths, universal emotions: the Ray-Ban #ProudToBelong campaign spotlights the human moments that connect us and let us find our sense of belonging.

Ray-Ban celebrates the importance of the journey. No matter where you’re headed to, one thing is for certain – life' moments set our path.  It’s about throwing ourselves head first into every part of the journey – that’s when we find our path to belonging and where we can be our real selves.

With #ProudToBelong the brand relaunches its own communication platform and inaugurates a story that will continue throughout 2019. It’s a way to strengthen the emotional bond with consumers that, all over the world, choose Ray-Ban products to express their uniqueness and their sense of belonging.

At the center of the campaign are stories of people surrounded by different kinds of situations: from a moped race going wild, to being caught lost in your thoughts, to a passionate night on the dancefloor. Those are stories of everyday heroes that are not afraid of their own emotions and choose to unleash their humanity. The campaign focuses on three key sentiments that bring to life the very essence of our products: vulnerability & empathy, passion &joy, and confidence & pride.

Proud to belong, in 2019 Ray-Ban celebrates emotions