Luxottica, a leader in style, setting the upcoming season's trends

Modern reinterpretations of vintage styles and retro-futuristic narrow shapes: these are a couple of the sources of inspiration for this seasons fresh eyewear trends, arriving in stores globally in the upcoming months and that were previewed during Luxottica Days in July, the event that every year, in the magnificent setting of Villa Erba in Cernobbio on Lake Como, draws in thousands of clients from all over the world to discover the Luxottica brands and the latest collections.


The round and retro shapes that defined last season are embellished with new patterns inspired by wood, marble and leather textures on the frames. The sizes and overall shapes are however a throwback to the nineties: oval yet elongated, with oversized rectangular forms and, of course, the cat eye in a narrower version than seen in previous collections. The classic shape has also been given a new twist, and is even more squared off or rounded, surrounded by galvanised metals in golden hues or in gun metal.


Transparent, versatile and unisex: the time has come for crystal plastic, which is not only a material for the frame, but also a neutral or contrasting aesthetic element, enhanced by pale warm tones and a nude effect.

Metal again continues to take centre stage, this season going beyond simple solid colour options to rediscover an element of blending and experimentation: various materials combine with one another, coloured and engraved metals become the protagonist and offer a fresh aesthetic to the frames.


The brand logo, bold and vibrant, has officially made a comeback. Oversized lettering and a nostalgia achieved by using logos, either taken from the recent past or reinterpreted to create a shock effect, are featured, without losing the eyewear’s trademark aesthetic.

On the other hand, the minimalist style strips the eyewear of details, and is a return to simplicity in form, playing on the fluidity of shapes and the simplicity of materials, with a penchant for metal and silver.

Those wishing to astound cannot do without innovation, with the central element being metal once again, however combined with acetate in this instance. Whilst up until last year the frames were given a new twist, now they are even “reassembled” to create one-of-a-kind combinations. The oversized versions are fun and bold: from a retro teardrop shape to the squared version akin to safety goggles, all versions play to excess, increasing the size and shape of the most classic models.


Lovers of less is more will not be disappointed with the new rimless varieties this season, available in round and squared, oval and cat eye, rectangular and invisible versions. Design inspiration for the eyewear is also drawn from the nineties and early 2000s, but the colours – with hues of grey and light blue – speak directly to millennials. The sports models are also slightly resized to turn portability into versatility, and match with any kind of outfit.


Sophisticated, vibrant and brimming with an infectious energy like the colours of spring, the lenses blur the strict distinction between “for him” and “for her”, offering everyone the chance to wear fun reddish pink, energetic amber yellow or effervescence electric blue lenses. Blue lenses will receive the greatest focus next year, bringing together the lens and frame by being bold with a monochromatic style and experimenting with a palette of blue tones.