Harmony Fade — The Oakley collection that celebrates the tenacity of the athletes

Harmony Fade is the special edition Oakley eyewear for athletes. And that’s not all: it is also a collection created for those who pursue their dreams.

Oakley launches the new special edition Harmony Fade eyewear collection. The new line is for the athletes who have reached this milestone event, and is designed to inspire all those who are working to compete at the games.

The collection combines sophisticated design and innovation.

Sophistication: because every item of eyewear is unique and hand-painted, distinctive thanks to its striking color combination:

  • Orange, representing the flame burning within the competing athletes.
  • Yellow, representing the sun that lights the path for those pursuing their dreams.

Innovation: because the entire Harmony Fade collection stands out thanks to the Prizm technology, lenses that allow for extremely clear color perception, designed to adapt to atmospheric environmental conditions. The Harmony Fade eyewear collection therefore improves athletes’ performance and helps them to face any trial, including climate-related challenges.

The line includes various eyewear models:

  • Snow goggles: Line Miner XM, Fall Line, Line Miner, Flight Deck XM, Flight Deck, Airbrake XL and Canopy.
  • Sunglasses: Wind Jacket 2.0, Jawbreaker, EVZero Path, Radar EV Path and Flak 2.0 XL.

With the launch of the new collection, Oakley also opens a new chapter of the “One Obsession” campaign, that invites athletes from across the world to experience and express their passion. Supporting the 2018 campaign will be some very special ambassadors: champion skier Mikaela Shiffrin and snowboarders Ståle Sandbech and Chloe Kim.

Oakley Harmony Fade helps athletes to pursue their dreams and accomplish unprecedented feats. Discover the entire collection in Oakley stores, at selected retailers, or on OAKLEY.COM