Eyezen Kids Lenses: Designed for how they see the world

Using breakthrough technologies to help kids “see more and be more”, Eyezen Kids lenses are specifically designed to relax and protect the eyes of children 6 to 12 years old.

When it comes to vision, children have different needs compared to adults. They tend to move their eyes a lot, have a larger gaze span and look up often, plus their head shape and facial features require a special pantoscopic angle. These physical factors combined with high visual demand related to daily learning activities and exposure to digital devices while their eyes are still under development make it important to nurture and promote good eye health habits during the early school years.

Caring for their unique visual needs through its Essilor Blue lens brand, the Company has developed single vision Eyezen Kids lenses to offer children ages 6 to 12 years sharper, clearer and more relaxed vision in any situation.

These new lenses are designed using Essilor’s innovative Eyezen DualOptim Kids technology with three key parameters – morphology, object distance and gaze direction – to make sure their vision remains corrected, while providing increased comfort1. Eyezen Kids lenses feature two points of reference to optimize sight both near and far while maintaining the prescription across the entire lens. They also have a blue light filter to help protect young eyes still under development.

To ensure the lenses were perfectly adapted, the solution was tested under real-life conditions by children between the ages of 6 and 12. The results of the study showed compelling evidence that the lenses provide better visual comfort and protection, with 88% of children satisfied with Eyezen Kids lenses and 84% comfortable during indoor activities2.


Eyezen lenses are designed to relax and protect3 the eyes of single vision wearers, defending the eyes against digital eyestrain. They provide better acuity and comfort, reducing visual fatigue4 and optimizing vision for digital devices.


1 Thanks to an up to 60% wider vision zone and up to 60% less aberrations in the lower area, compared to a standard single vision lens

2 Eyezen Kids lenses in-Life consumer study - 2019 - US (n=58) 3rd independent party - % who “really like them” or “like them” - 5 point scale with neutral option for “Overall, how do like this new eyeglasses?"" - n=58"; Eyezen Kids lenses in-Life consumer study - 2019 - US (n=58) 3rd independent party - Children have a better level of visual comfort when playing/doing activities indoor with Eyezen Kids lenses vs. their previous standard SV equipment. 

3 Harmful light protection: UV and partial Blue-Violet light filtration. (Up to 455nm with the greatest toxicity between 415- 455nm).

4 Eyezen consumer studies: Eyezen Start In-life consumer study - 3rd independent party - 2020 - France - n=52 (People with different level of visual fatigue and related symptoms); 2018 - France - n=49 (People with different level of visual fatigue and related symptoms); & 2015 (n=76).