A fast and easy way to measure your Pupillary Distance: Opthy is ready for you to download.

Knowing your Pupillary Distance – or PD for short – is favorable when buying glasses online because it ensures your lenses are made based on your needs and sight. With just a few clicks, Opthy measures your PD, allowing you to find a comfortable and personalized fit. Download the app and unlock the experience.

Many people are not aware of their Pupillary Distance when purchasing new glasses and just proceed with using a standard PD. However, an inaccurate PD can cause eye strain, fatigue, headaches, or distorted vision. The stronger your prescription is, the more significant effects can be.

Knowing your personalized PD will ensure that your glasses are correctly aligned and focused. When visiting a store, a retail assistant can measure your PD for you through in-store equipment. However, if you are buying glasses online and do not know your PD, you can use Opthy to measure it yourself.

What is a Pupillary Distance?

It is the distance between the center of your pupils, typically measured in millimeters, and can be written as Monocular or Binocular. Monocular PD is the distance from each of your pupils to the center of the bridge of your nose. Binocular PD is the distance from one of your pupils to the other pupil.

What is the average Pupillary Distance?

While not everyone’s Pupillary Distance is the same, there is a standard reference range that considers age and gender. The average Pupillary Distance for women is about 60mm and 64mm for men, with measurement deviations generally falling between 48mm and 73mm.

Of course, these values do not apply to everyone and can be very far from your real PD.

Why it matters?

Knowing your Pupillary Distance is favorable when buying glasses. Assuring that your lenses are personally made for you will create an optimal comfort and clarity when wearing your new pair of glasses. An inaccurate Pupillary Distance may affect your vision because the optical center of the lenses won’t align with your pupil.

Key features of Opthy
Opthy uses advanced 3D biometric technology to map your facial features. The high-precision contactless tool captures all the relevant information within seconds: this is the basis for calculating your PD value.
How it works
How was Opthy developed?
Opthy was designed and built in-house by EssilorLuxottica with the aim of providing a quick and easy way to measure your Pupillary Distance in the comfort of your home.
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