EssilorLuxottica Renews Support for World Oceans Day 2024
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This World Oceans Day, which takes place every year on June 8, EssilorLuxottica is raising awareness by launching a key message – ‘One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together!’ – across its global corporate channels.

EssilorLuxottica is committed to protecting the planet’s resources and safeguarding its oceans, which make up a critical part of the biosphere.

Through its ‘Eyes on Circularity’ pillar, part of its Eyes on the Planet sustainability program, the Company has embarked on a journey to make its business model more circular with a shift from fossil-based materials to biobased and/or recycled materials as well as plans to embed eco-design in all product development by 2025.

The Company is focused on sourcing innovative materials, developing internal recycling processes, reducing input materials to favor eco-conscious designs and investing in new technologies. Notably, on the frames side, it has expanded its Tristar (China) plant using an in-house process already launched in its Agordo (Italy) plant to recycle and compound nylon plastic scraps derived from the manufacturing of frames.

On the lenses side, thanks to its Slim Fit project, which aims to decrease input material during the lens production process, EssilorLuxottica has avoided more than 1,250 tons of waste in 2023. Slim Fit was also used during the production of its new Varilux XR lens, helping reduce plastic consumption by 19% compared to the previous Varilux X lens series.

The Company is also exploring sustainable packaging solutions and implementing circular services to extend product life or give products a second life. For example, it eliminated 100% of lens stickers and is replacing plastic sleeves, plastic tapes and plastic bags that accompany its products with paper solutions, plus new recyclable and certified paper packaging have been introduced for its e-commerce channels.

Costa Del Mar: Preserving & Protecting Ocean Life

For over 40 years, its sunglasses brand Costa Del Mar has been preserving and protecting ocean life.

Launched by Costa in 2015, the Kick Plastic initiative encourages reducing single-use plastics to help keep our oceans clean.

The initiative supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with its latest impact report revealing key achievements such as:

  • Costa uses 1 ton of discarded fishing nets repurposed annually for through its partnership with Bureo for its Untangled eyewear and apparel collections;
  • Costa Kick Plastic Guide Ambassadors help eliminate 500K single-use plastic water bottles annually.

Advancing Circularity with EssilorLuxottica Brands

  • Arnette: Arnette is leveraging the Company’s internal recycling processes using waste from the production of injected nylon to create frames featuring 95% recycled plastic. This circular process can be carried out several times without affecting the quality and performance of the material, and the recycled content has been certified under the ISCC Plus scheme.

  • Maximizing alternative materials, EssilorLuxottica is increasing its use of responsible materials for eyewear, aiming to make bio-based and recycled materials the new standard for its collections. Currently, Ray-Ban along with Burberry, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Tory Burch have all extended offerings with bio-acetate for frames and bio-nylon for lenses. Prada and Versace first introduced recycled acetate in their 2023 collections, while Chanel continues to extend its product offering with bio and recycled acetate. For kids, Emporio Armani uses bio-nylon in combination with bio-based rubber in its collections.