EssilorLuxottica Leads the Way in Life Cycle Vision Health Management at the Shanghai International Optics Fair
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The Company recently participated in the Shanghai International Optics Fair to showcase its life cycle vision health solutions which meet the diverse needs of consumers.  

From March 11 to 13, 2024, EssilorLuxottica showcased its complete solutions at the 22nd Shanghai International Optics Fair (SIOF), one of the optical industry’s most influential exhibitions in Asia. Based on the theme "New Era of Vision, Protecting Eye Health and Creating the Future", the Group brought together its subsidiaries and well-known brands including Transitions, Ray-Ban, Oakley to showcase its comprehensive solutions in myopia control, presbyopia management, light management, sports performance and fashion. The fair was also an opportunity for the Company to reinforce its dedication to promoting expert consensus and standardized prescription by working closely with its industry partners. 

Oakley’s Sphaera and BiSphaera: Cutting-edge eyewear for athletes 

The Group’s sport and performance brand, Oakley, has raised the bar with the launch of its latest eyewear models, Sphaera and BiSphaera. Designed to provide athletes with the most extended field of view yet, these path-forging sunglasses are poised to revolutionize athletic performance. Sphaera is a groundbreaking eyewear model that redefines peripheral vision, it features an open-ended design concept to widen the wearer’s view thanks to Oakley’s proprietary Prizm Lens Technology. BiSphaera offers adaptability with a sporty aesthetic for both athletic and everyday wear. A versatile counterpart to the Flak 2.0 XL, BiSphaera offers a similar lightweight and flexible design with the added option of Prizm Lens Technology or Oakley Authentic Prescription lens options.  

The brand also took the opportunity to organize a few interactive activities at the fair, such as the Oakley Run in partnership with the association, Light Chaser Alliance. Oakley also invited speed skating champion Gao Tingyu to share his personal experience and help raise awareness of visual health in the field of outdoor sports. 

Educational myopia management campaign  

The prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents is a strategic focus of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) on National Eye Health. During SIOF, we joined hands with the Shanghai Education Press and the Shanghai Student Health and Wellness Center to launch an educational campaign to help with the city’s myopia prevention and control project. The content will be featured in five school newspapers and in other formats to deliver eye health knowledge in an engaging manner. In addition, the Group presented its latest myopia prevention and control solution for children launched in 2023, Kodak Kexueyou lenses, which adopt Diffusion Optics Technology by softly scattering light to reduce contrast signals. During the fair, Kodak also invited customers to share their feedback to better promote the development and application of innovative myopia prevention and control technologies. 

Photochromic lenses 

In terms of outdoor photochromic lenses, the Group's subsidiary, See World Optical, unveiled its 2024 hero product, SW-photo spin lenses which provide consumers who experience light sensitivities, with a comfortable light environment at all times. 

Presbyopia prescription competition to improve ECP capability 

Progressive lenses have grown in popularity and are currently the most common solution for treating presbyopia. Increasingly common among adults over the age of 40, it occurs when the eye loses some of its flexibility and ability to adjust to clearly seeing objects at different distances. In response to this growing demand, we partnered with the China Optometric and Optical Association (COOA) to launch the first ever ‘EssilorLuxottica Cup Presbyopia Prescription Competition’ during SIOF to improve the capabilities of presbyopia prescription. It aims to train participants to identify the changes in consumers’ adjustment ability from vision screening and provide suitable optical solutions according to different lifestyles. The top winners of the competition will stand a chance to pursue their studies abroad, under the close guidance of the Professional Committee of Optometry of the COOA. 

This year, the trade show attracted more than 800 exhibitors and over 200 international brands who presented their latest technologies, products and insights in the field of eyecare and eyewear. Click on SIOF’s website to find out more.