EssilorLuxottica launches Tortona Virtual Experience, an immersive digital showroom
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The 3D virtual showroom, now available on the Group’s digital learning platform, Leonardo, allows users to step into the future of eyewear by navigating around its new environment through an immersive experience. 

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, accessibility and innovation are key to reshaping the eyecare and eyewear industry. EssilorLuxottica has always looked for ways to innovate and explore new opportunities offered by digital technology to optical practices and retail stores around the world.  

Tortona Virtual Experience, the Group’s latest innovative digital project, leverages the power of virtual booths and online shops into a strategically designed virtual showroom that takes the digital experience to the next level for its customers. Available through Leonardo, the Company’s digital learning platform, the virtual showroom aims to provide seamless interactions while allowing its customers to explore its latest products which get updated every season, as well as access dedicated educational content. 

It premiered globally with the latest edition of the recent EssilorLuxottica Days in Milan, a quarterly event where top customers are invited to the Group’s physical showroom, Via Tortona 35, to preview the newest products and explore the latest trends and innovative technologies in the eyewear and eyecare industry.  

Today, its customers can have a glimpse of the EssilorLuxottica Days experience as well as any new brand campaign at any time with the Tortona Virtual Experience. The ultra-realistic virtual showroom allows them to go on a sensory journey within various virtual spaces including Store Innovation, Smart Shopper, Brands areas, Digital Windows and more. In the Brands area for instance, the products are presented digitally with videos, high-resolution 3D images and close-up photos to reflect the style, environment, and digital assets of each brand. Apart from freely exploring different brands, visitors can also interact with the Company’s digital learning platform, Leonardo, by accessing its courses and videos.  

Navigate through the Tortona Virtual Experience showroom.

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