STARS: A Strategic Partnership Program for Wholesale Customers
3 min

Focusing on innovation, flexibility and a tailored approach, STARS is one of EssilorLuxottica’s strategic partnership programs that supports success for wholesale customers in today’s fast-changing environment so they can unlock their full business potential. 

With its STARS program, EssilorLuxottica doesn’t just provide solutions, it co-creates success stories.  

Launched in 2002 and now counting over 14,000 partner stores worldwide, STARS helps independent opticians, optical chains, travel retailer operators and e-retailers successfully navigate the dynamic landscape of the modern eyewear industry.  

STARS simplifies and enhances the consumer journey across EssilorLuxottica brands and services to offer wholesale customers a strategic advantage, with guidance from highly committed corporate and local teams. 

A core feature of STARS is the ability to create consumer profiles, ensuring tailored solutions and stock optimization. Products are ‘where’ and ‘when’ they are needed thanks to strong collaboration with EssilorLuxottica Brand and Manufacturing teams. 
Through the STARS program, customers also gain understanding of the latest trends so they can be the first to deliver new collections, while sell-out performance is maximized thanks to automatic reordering for best-selling products. 


The following STARS benefits are key levers that help elevate wholesale businesses:  

Premium Product Advisory 

  • Data-driven selections for the perfect mix of best sellers and newness 

  • Customized solutions based on EssilorLuxottica’s excellent product portfolio 

  • Modular assortments fitting to different customer preferences 


Support for Stock Optimization  

  • Dedicated reserve for priority service 

  • Efficient inventory management based on seasonality and customer promo plans 

  • Automatic reordering thanks to advanced system integration 


Dedicated Initiatives to Increase Traffic and Sell Out 

  • Access to exclusive product previews with ad hoc visibility and communication tools 

  • Digital support to enhance the customer experience 


To discover more about STARS, please contact your local EssilorLuxottica agent to organize a kick-off meeting.