Starck Biotech Paris Spring/Summer 2023
2 min

Discover The new Starck Biotech Paris spring/summer 2023 campaign collection: a smart and minimal design for lightweight frames and extreme comfort.


Since 1996, visionary designer Philippe Starck has been creating ergonomic eyewear with patented visionary technology inspired by the human collarbone.  

Bionism is at the heart of the STARCK BIOTECH PARIS philosophy. At the crossroads between technology and nature, this concept draws its inspiration from the organic, from nature, to create the technologies best-suited to human beings.   

The new STARCK BIOTECH PARIS spring/summer 2023 collection pays special attention to pure elegance and high technology thanks to its patented BIOLINK hinge. Thanks to this technology, each frame in the collection offers 360°of movement for unique comfort and flexibility.