STARCK BIOTECH PARIS spring-summer 2022 collection: high-tech elegance meets timeless design
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STARCK BIOTECH PARIS tells a story of bionism and elegance, a philosophy in which glasses are an elegant and discreet extension of the individual.

The philosophy of bionism with the harmonious relationship between eyewear and the human body, lies at the heart of the new Spring-Summer 2022 collection. A celebration of innovation, minimalism, and high-tech materials.

With this new collection, Starck Biotech Paris explores different design territories: from ultra-thin to bold shapes, new design concepts and innovative materials Starck Biotech Paris products are the story of innovative materials and patented hinges spread across three different worlds and inspired by the timeless motion and beauty of, nature.

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Clouds, presents the new Biolink acetate styles, from a timeless rectangular style to a modern panthos shape, made from innovative Mazzucchelli 1849’s bio-based acetate made from approximately 65% of renewable materials1, and resulting in a reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions of around 54% compared with standard acetate production2. Both models make a bold yet refined statement with distinctive aesthetics, pure lines and sharp anglesfor a unique design.

Sea is the second part of the story. Here technology remains at the forefront of design without compromising on comfort and functionality. It includes a solo style emblem of Starck Biotech Paris’ precision and metalwork, featuring a high-tech double metal front that creates a two-tone color scheme for an extra design detail with the exclusive Biolink hinge.

Space features an easy-to-wear shape with an elegant and discreet bridge, presenting a minimal design. A first-generation and award-winning Sphere® hinge is positioned on the sides of the frames, while the ultra-thin titanium temples, featuring an exclusive twist, offer unique lightness and extreme comfort.

The Starck Biotech Paris Spring-Summer 2022 collection features styles that make the most of its exclusive patented hinges, BIOLINK and SPHERE, offering 360°movement that has lasted throughout time, in harmony with nature and the human body.

1The percentage of bio-based content indicates how much of the material mixture is sourced from renewable sources versus fossil-based raw materials. The reported percentage uses the ASTM D-6866 international standard method.

2 Environmental impacts calculated pursuant to ISO 14040/44 std Life Cycle Assessment.