OPSM celebrates its 90th anniversary
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Established in 1932, OPSM is an iconic brand synonymous with optical care and assistance for consumers in Australia and New Zealand. It recently marked its 90th anniversary with innovation and differentiation continuing to be key pillars for the future.

In October 2022, OPSM (formerly known as Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers) marked the 90th anniversary since its foundation, celebrating the evolution that has made it a brand synonymous with optical care and assistance for consumers in Australia and New Zealand.  OPSM has truly come a long way as a business, from a single store in Sydney in 1932 with a staff of five, to a network of approximately 440 stores in Australia and New Zealand. Today, it looks ahead to its future with new confidence, together with over 3,100 employees in the OPSM and Laubman & Pank network who are also now part of the EssilorLuxottica Group since 2003.


Along its journey, OPSM recorded countless highlights, including the evolution of a new customer in-store experience using walk up frames displays (1962), a trend that caught on industry-wide. Its history also involves contact lens manufacturing (1939 and 1970) and expansion into New Zealand (1995). The acquisition by the Group in 2003 opened up new possibilities for advanced lens technology and equipment from Essilor, thereby helping to elevate the customer experience in almost every way and allowing OPSM to stamp its mark on areas like myopia management. The company’s business results can be attributed to the implementation of strategic choices that go from improved store design, to the evolution of optometrist consultancy room, to always making the customer experience central during the entire process, with increased support from digital instruments.

Central to this approach is OPSM’s Clarifye digital eye exam experience, a new patient journey based on the latest technology developed by the Group. It incorporates advanced instruments like a seven-in-one eye health screening assessment and a high precision eye test measurement of 0.01D, aiming to offer faster and more accurate prescriptions.

With innovation and differentiation continuing to be key pillars for the future, here are some major highlights from the company:

  • OPSM is introducing Eyezen Kids and Stellest lens, to provide better support to younger patients.
  • It is investing further in digitalizing the patient journey. This involves collecting more information from patients prior to consultation. Consultation results will also be digitized, saving time and reducing paper consumption.
  • Patient contact processes will be upgraded, allowing patients to confirm, reschedule or cancel their appointments at the touch of a button. The process of contacting no-show or cancelled patients will be automated.
  • On the dispensing/retail front, the Group’s digital platform, Leonardo, which can be accessed on demand, will be made available.
  • OPSM is transforming its lens portfolio by offering world renowned brands such as Varilux, Eyezen, Crizal and Transitions
  • It is also expanding its branded lens assortment to offer greater customization and a continued ‘perfect fit’
  • In recent years OPSM also invested in SmartShopper, an intuitive tool that allows customers to interact digitally with the entire EssilorLuxottica catalogue beyond what is in stock in-store. It includes a virtual try-on feature thanks to augmented reality and advanced proprietary virtual mirroring technologies.

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