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Leonardo: The Open Learning Platform redefining how we learn about Eyewear and Eyecare
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An entire universe of expert content from Essilor and Luxottica available 24/7 to company employees, eye care professionals and customers

Leonardo is a new innovative learning platform open to the vision care industry. Employees, clients, store managers, staff and anyone from across the vision care industry can learn from one single source featuring expert curated content from Essilor and Luxottica that can be tailored for every learner.

Leonardo's mission is expressed in the tagline 'Science for a new vision', which underlines how knowledge and innovation are at the foundation of every vision care product launch and their educational content.

Marking a major investment in EssilorLuxottica employees and customers, Leonardo offers an intuitive, user-friendly experience across all devices, accessible anytime, anywhere. Leonardo can tailor each learning experience based on the individual user’s interests and needs, becoming smarter over time. The platform recommends content, shows the most popular learning modules among other ECPs and employees in “trending now”, tracks favorites and highlights skills that employees in an optical practice might need or benefit from. 

The content delivered by industry experts spans the areas of product development, lens technology, practice management, amounting to over 5,760 hours of video, interactive lessons, podcasts and virtual classrooms in over 15 languages.

Modern lifestyles have led to new visual demands and behaviours, making vision care education a key pillar of Leonardo’s content strategy. Learners will have access to the latest knowledge on patient visual needs, eye health, eyecare, clinical practice management, innovative product technology and more. Content includes professional courses on AVA (Advanced Vision Accuracy), Varilux, Crizal, Eyezen and Transitions that help in discovering brand stories, innovative technologies behind each product and associated visual benefits for wearers. Moreover, the offer is enriched by live events and courses led by EssilorLuxottica experts and renowned external experts on myopia, presbyopia, light management, and refraction.

Leonardo also hosts all the newly published articles on Points de Vue, the International Review of Ophthalmic Optics providing with the latest expert-to-expert knowledge on vision care, vision science, clinical practice and ophthalmic lenses; created in 1979, it reaches over 150,000 eye care professionals and students around the globe.

A key section of Leonardo covers EssilorLuxottica brands featuring a library made of more than 750 pieces of content, of which 290 are dedicated to collections, including highlights of the main features and benefits, technical characteristics, and key selling points of latest collections. In specific sections of the catalog, Leonardo guides clients through the customer journey, explores selling skills to offer a complete experience and provide unbeatable service, and supports them in practice management and in enhancing key knowledge throughout the digital transformation. 

Leonardo will now serve as the single learning platform for EssilorLuxottica customers, replacing Essilor University/other Essilor Platforms and Luxottica University, with the aim of contributing to the growth of the industry through learning and training.

A learning experience can’t be static – for Leonardo to be a success, it must always be changing, and responding to the needs of its users and advances in technology. Leonardo is and will always be making updates. Coming soon there will be an expansion of credit courses, new features like gamification and social learning and eventually, events and medical and clinical discussions.