Discover the first brand campaign for EssilorLuxottica’s Leonardo learning platform
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Today marks the launch of the first-ever campaign to promote EssilorLuxottica’s innovative Leonardo learning platform as the reference point for accessible education, with a key focus on brands and products, vision care and practice management. Don’t miss the video below for more!

A new campaign has been launched to support engagement for Leonardo, which has established itself as a leading reference point for online education in three main areas: brands and products, vision care and practice management. Specifically, the campaign puts the concept of community in the spotlight to promote how each of us can be both an expert and a learner at the same time on Leonardo, benefiting from ‘KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. TOGETHER TOWARDS THE FUTURE.’

Leonardo is designed to support EssilorLuxottica employees and partners as well as eyecare professionals at every level and in every role. Having skilled professionals with always-on access to continuing education and professional development curated by subject matter experts will help advance the industry and provide the world with the best in eyecare and eyewear.

The campaign will be promoted online through Leonardo and EssilorLuxottica’s corporate social media channels as well as on its B2B platforms (MyEssilorLuxottica and EssilorPRO) and through trade press starting in the US between November and December. It will also be showcased internally on digital windows throughout EssilorLuxottica offices around the world from Nov. 7-11.  

Watch the official campaign video to unravel the full story:

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Latest Leonardo releases: Continuing education & New hire programs

Leonardo is constantly evolving to best meet the needs of its learners, most recently adding continuing education courses approved by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) that will earn opticians in the US continuing education credits to renew their license. The same approach is being adopted to have additional Leonardo courses approved by other renowned local entities, starting with the American Optometric Association (AOA) and the General Optical Council (GOC) in the UK.

In addition, Leonardo is progressively releasing its “New hire programs” to support different staff roles in eyecare practices, including front desk professionals, eyecare dispensers and practice managers. Starting the optician journey with an investment in education creates immediate engagement and value for the practice and its new hires, and helps give the practice a competitive edge.

Helping the industry grow

With over 7,000 hours of educational content available produced in collaboration with reputable industry experts and institutions, Leonardo supports ongoing professional development across the eyecare and eyewear industry in a unique and convenient way.