EssilorLuxottica shines at the 6th CIIE with cutting-edge innovations and strategic partnerships
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From November 5 - 10, 2023, the Group presented a wide range of innovations and formed strategic partnerships at the recent China International Import Expo (CIIE) to support the eye health of Chinese consumers throughout their lifecycle. 


Based on the theme "New Era of Vision, Protecting Health, Creating the Future," EssilorLuxottica showcased four cutting-edge innovations at the 6th edition of the CIIE held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. These relate to myopia prevention and control, accommodation management, as well as optometry and lens manufacturing to improve the vision health experience of Chinese consumers. The Company also formed strategic partnerships with leading industry players including China National Academy of Educational Sciences, China Optometric and Optical Association, China National Inspection & Testing Center for Ophthalmic Optics Glass and Enamel Products, Tencent Healthcare, and Tianjin Vocational Institute. The goal is to raise awareness of proactive eye health management and advance the development of the vision health industry as part of the Group’s Mission to help people around the world "see more and be more." 

Cutting-edge innovations which fully support the eye health lifecycle 

EssilorLuxottica continues to invest in research and development as well as create new solutions particularly with a focus on prevention and myopia management. Presented for the first time to the Chinese market, the following innovations were unveiled at the expo: 

Kodak’s KeXueYou (Kodak DOT) lenses which feature Diffusion Optics Technology by softly scattering light to reduce contrast signals. The lenses lower the amount of light that retinal photoreceptor cells receive when detecting high contrast signals and send out fewer elongation signals to the eyes, slowing down the progression of myopia and the elongation growth of the eye.  

Varilux XR series, the progressive lens that knows how your eyes really move for instant sharpness even in motion1. With 60 years of research and development and over 70 patents2, Varilux is relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation. The new Varilux XR series lens leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to create the best Varilux progressive lens ever3. Thanks to the analysis of more than 1 million exclusive real-life data, the Company can create the digital twin of the patient and predict their visual behavior profile. This means that for each prescription the visual behavior profile is established to design a progressive lens that respects the natural eye behavior, making Varilux XR series a new generation of eye responsive progressive lens4. Varilux XR series lens provides an outstanding visual experience, with 95% of wearers adapted by the first day1 and 9/10 experienced instant sharpness at all distances, even in motion1

Vision-S 700, an immersive comprehensive optometry instrument, which offers a high degree of accuracy with rapid three-minute refractions. On top of its space-saving feature, it has a unique technology which engages customers with a novel immersive experience, plunging the patient into life-like scenes and transforming the overall refractive experience. 

Continuing to deliver improved precision and increased productivity even for the most demanding eyewear, the Group also presented the ES 800 edger with the TCB 800, an instrument that ensures that the lens fits the frame perfectly while achieving precise center alignment with the patient's eyes. Combined with its new M’Eye Custom web app, this new in-store finishing system helps ECPs to engage consumers with unique personalized eyewear styles.   

Strategic partnerships to elevate China’s vision care sector 

Leveraging the CIIE platform, the Company joined hands with its partners in the public and private sector to announce key initiatives which upgrade the vision health ecosystem. This is in line with China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) on National Eye Health which explains the need to further extend a high quality and efficient eye health service system. These announcements include: 

EssilorLuxottica’s partnership with Tencent Healthcare to release the ‘Expert Consensus on the Fitting of Multifocal Soft Lenses Applied to Myopia Control’ online and invited ophthalmologists to interpret the consensus to promote standardized clinical applications of multifocal soft lenses, an innovative technology for myopia management.  

The Group’s partnership with China National Inspection & Testing Center for Ophthalmic Optic Glass and Enamel Products to develop and promote the group standard for microstructured lenses.  

A strategic cooperation with Tianjin Vocational Institute to help train the next generation of young professionals in the field of ophthalmology and optometry.  

The digitalization of "Our Eyes", a 3D book which combines real-life storytelling with music and animation to help children better understand myopia. This was created in collaboration with a think tank affiliated with the Ministry of Education. 

The set up of the Light Chasers Volunteer Alliance together with China Optometric and Optical Association, with the aim of gathering the industry’s power and building an integrated service team to benefit more Chinese people with poor eyesight. 

Organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Municipality and the China International Import Expo Bureau, the CIIE attracted over 3,400 exhibitors from 128 countries this year. Click on the expo’s website to find out more. 

  1. Varilux XR series™ – in-life consumer study - Eurosyn – 2022 – France (n=73 progressive lens wearers)    
  2. 70 inventions led to patent filings in multiple countries since 1953 (which allowance/in-force status varies over the time and country)   
  3. As reported in Essilor R&D simulations – 2022 – calculation based on lenses measurements weighted by the level of importance of each criteria for progressive lenses declared by users (Quantitative Consumer study - Ipsos - Q1 2022 - BR/FR/IT/UK/US - n=4000 progressive lens wearers).  
  4. Eye-responsive defined as the consideration of two parameters in the design of the progressive lens: prescription and visual behavior.