Essilor Instruments Introduces New ES 700 & ES 800 Edgers
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Essilor Instruments is modernizing in-store finishing systems by introducing new compact design, user-friendly edgers — the ES 700 and the ES 800 — both of which are paired with the new TCB 800 Automatic Tracer-Centerer-Blocker. 

Committed to cutting-edge research, innovation and serving eyecare professionals (ECPs), Essilor Instruments is a trusted pioneer in the optical industry, with decades of expertise in edging and mounting as well as lens and frames proficiency. 

Today, the brand is building on that trust with the launch of modernized in-store finishing systems that deliver improved precision and increased productivity even for demanding eyewear: the ES 700 edger, the ES 800 edger and the TCB 800 Automatic Tracer-Centerer-Blocker (TCB) for a perfect lens-to-frame fit and lens-center alignment with the eyes.  

The new range allows ECPs to save time and space while bringing their expertise and craftmanship to the forefront of their practice. Designed with ECPs and consumers in mind, it features high-quality materials and sleek silhouettes adapted to ECP workspaces, and includes ergonomic multi-touch screens and an intuitive interface. Personalization is streamlined with custom user profiles, quick access to frequently used jobs and the TCB 800’s large regularly updated library of frame collections. 

M’Eye Custom Web App 

Another value add, the ES 800 edger’s new M’Eye Custom web app helps ECPs engage consumers with unique personalized eyewear styles and an interactive shopping experience. Lenses can easily be engraved using M’Eye Sign, shape can be customized with M’Eye Shape and clip-on solutions can be added with M’Eye Clip. Crystal pavé designs are also possible with M’Eye Diamond*, giving each pair a tailored feel. 

Simplified Workflow, Enhanced Productivity & Optimized Axis Precision 

Thanks to the use of state-of-the art-technology, optical tracing time is reduced by up to 75%; blocking and centering time is down by up to 20%; and edging time by up to 19%, through the implementation of the Fast-Roughing Cycle (FRC). In addition, the TCB 800 automatically harmonizes the frame base trajectory and adjusts centering data based on 3D parameters, allowing for perfect tracing and ensuring the right fit. 

Along with reduced axis deviation risk, the ES 700 and ES 800 edgers bring together hybrid milling and grinding technology, allowing ECPs to ensure absolute axis control, even for slippery, hydrophobic and delicate lenses. Thanks to eco-friendly dry-cut technology they can also reduce wet lens waste and unwanted odors.

*M’Eye Diamond function available soon