EssilorLuxottica drew a crowd at CES 2024 with Nuance Audio
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The Company made a splash at its first CES appearance in Las Vegas earlier this month with a preview of Nuance Audio, which has built-in advanced hearing technology, as well as other innovative solutions in the world of optics. 

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's premier tech show, was held in Las Vegas from 9 – 12 January. For the first time, EssilorLuxottica participated in the event to demonstrate its bold moves in consumer technology and commitment to moving the eyewear industry forward into a new era of interconnected and AI-powered devices and solutions. Situated in the Digital Health section in CES’s North Hall, the Company’s eye-catching booth was a celebration and glowing endorsement of its innovations, making it one of the most visited stands at the show. These include Nuance Audio, first-of-its-kind glasses with an advanced hearing solution, as well as Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Vision(X), an intelligent and interconnected platform created by the Group’s new division HELIX to help modernize eyecare practices in the US. 

Nuance Audio: A Leap Forward in Hearing Aid Technology 

The spotlight at EssilorLuxottica’s booth was its prototype for Nuance Audio, a pair of beautiful glasses with an integrated hearing solution for mild to moderate hearing loss. Hearing solutions is an underpenetrated market where, similar to vision care decades ago, consumers are averse to wearing traditional corrective devices for a number of reasons including their discomfort and price.  

Nuance CES Booth

Designed for consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss, Nuance Audio will eliminate the psychological barrier that has stood in the way of adoption of traditional hearing aids, integrating proprietary state of-the-art open-ear hearing technology into fashionable eyeglasses. It is expected to launch in the market starting with North America in the second half of the year and is already generating buzz while promising to be a game-changer in the realm of hearing aid technology. Over 200 journalists from various technology and business publications across the globe attended the Group’s press conference at the show. In addition, over 800 testers experienced the prototype firsthand. It received rave reviews with highly positive feedback from various top tier media which listed it among the best innovations showcased at CES. 

Ray-Ban Meta and HELIX 

Another highlight was Ray-Ban Meta, the Company’s iconic Ray-Ban glasses with built-in cameras, open-ear audio, AI-powered solutions and the ability to livestream and take calls hands-free. The spotlight was also on the Group’s new HELIX division with Vision(X), an intelligent and interconnected platform in the US that will help modernize eyecare practices offering a full range of innovative digital solutions including tele-optometry and big data services for the world of optics. 

Ray-Ban CES Booth

According to the Consumer Technology Association, organizer of CES, the event drew more than 130,000 attendees this year, and over 4,000 exhibitors from more than 150 countries and regions. Click on the show’s website to find out more.