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5 Mar 2019

Settlement Of The Joint Procedure To Exercise The Right To Purchase Pursuant To Art. 111 Of The Tuf And To Comply With The Obligation To Purchase Under Art. 108, Par. 1, Of The Tuf Regarding The Residual Shares Of Luxottica Group S.p.a. Delisting Of The Luxottica Shares From The MTA

Charenton-le-Pont (France), 5 March 2019 – EssilorLuxottica (the “Offeror”) announces that the settlement of the joint procedure to exercise the right to purchase pursuant to art. 111 of Legislative Decree No. 58 of 24 February 1998, as subsequently amended (the “TUF”) and to comply with the obligation to purchase under art. 108, par. 1, of the TUF initiated by the Offeror on 28 January 2019 (the “Joint Procedure”) for the 11,926,027 outstanding ordinary shares of Luxottica Group S.p.A. (“Luxottica” or the “Issuer”) not held by the Offeror, equal to 2.458% of the share capital of the Issuer (the “Residual Shares”), was completed today.

Capitalized terms used in this notice, unless otherwise defined, have the same meaning attributed to them in the notice relating to the definitive results of the Procedure to Comply with the Obligation to Purchase under Art. 108, Par. 2, of the TUF and the terms of the Joint Procedure published by the Offeror on 22 January 2019 (the “Notice of 22 January”), a copy of which is available on the Offeror’s website (www.essilor-luxottica.com) and on the Issuer’s website (www.luxottica.com).