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16 Sep 2021

Essilor and Luxottica launch EssilorLuxottica 360, the companies’ first joint commercial program in Canada

Montreal, Quebec (September 2021) – Essilor and Luxottica, divisions of EssilorLuxottica Canada, are pleased to bring to the Canadian market EssilorLuxottica 360, a new joint program that will drive growth for independent eye care professionals. This program comes at a time when independent ECPs can use the support of their industry partners. EssilorLuxottica 360 is designed to help ECPs increase their traffic, visibility, and capture rate, as well as provide added support to provide an enhanced patient experience and help improve practice profitability.

ECPs working to build back their business post-Covid will have the full power of Essilor and Luxottica behind them. Because patient traffic is the lifeblood of every practice, EssilorLuxottica 360 is designed to help drive patients to your practice and increase visibility driven by advertising and digital marketing tools.

With the ECPs’ virtual and social footprint growing in importance, EssilorLuxottica 360 will give members access to EssilorLuxottica’s digital tools such as the Smart Shopper, which enhances the shopping experience, creates an endless aisle of products and styles to showcase and offers virtual try-on tools. Members will also have access to product customization tools for Ray-Ban and Oakley as well as Luxottica’s digital screens. EssilorLuxottica has also invested in tools to help ECPs manage and amplify their own social media channels with branded content to drive consumers to their practice with Promobox and Essilor Experts.

Members will also have access to EssilorLuxottica’s brand-new learning platform Leonardo that provides an innovative learning experience and brings a new perspective with best-in-class learning content taught by experts in the field.

EssilorLuxottica 360 will be available to Essilor Experts that wish to strengthen their practice through a strong portfolio of Luxottica brands and Essilor advanced lens technology. Members of EssilorLuxottica 360 will have access to special commercial terms on their Luxottica Frame purchases and a flexible Incentive Jumpstart benefit that lets you explore new brands for your practice.

EssilorLuxottica 360 is the first EssilorLuxottica commercial program to launch in Canada and is specifically designed for independent optometrists and opticians -- delivering on the power of partnership as a combined company that can only be felt through a fully-integrated approach to eyewear and eyecare,” said Rick Gadd, President, Essilor North America. “We know private practice is the cornerstone to our industry’s survival and supporting them today is critical to their success.

Now more than ever, independent eyecare professionals are looking to the industry for support and innovation. High-quality frames and lenses, better service, higher patient satisfaction, increasing sales, visibility and profitability – these are the avenues we focused on when building EssilorLuxottica 360 together,” said Fabrizio Uguzzoni, President, EssilorLuxottica Wholesale North America. “We are still at the beginning of our journey, but our goal is to be the best partner to the independents, creating more opportunities for them to grow and better serve their patients.

Building on the positive results of our Essilor Experts program for our independent partners, we are pleased to offer them even more benefits and ways to grow through EssilorLuxottica 360," said Christophe Perreault, President of Essilor Canada. "This new program is an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with doctors and independent opticians across the country by providing them with a range of innovative tools to always better meet their customers' expectations, at the best commercial conditions.

When it comes to eyewear, consumer trends and digitalization have accelerated in recent months. Consumers look for recognized brands," said Ludovic Ladreyt, Senior Vice President of Optical Sales, Luxottica Wholesale North America. “EssilorLuxottica 360 is built to help independent eyecare professionals face these changes giving them a range of digital tools and special commercial terms on their Luxottica Frame purchases that let them explore new brands for their practice.

For more information, ECPs can visit ca.360.EssilorLuxottica.com or contact their Essilor Business Consultant or Luxottica Sales Consultant