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The Operations Talent Program (OTP) is a two-year graduate program designed for brilliant STEM and Economics talents willing to develop technical and managerial skills within our global Operations in Italy, France, USA, Brasil, Mexico and Thailand. New edition kick-off: November 2024.

Are you ready to embrace your future?

If you are looking for a fast-track path within Operations that can open up international opportunities this is your occasion!

Thanks to the OTP you will have the chance to enhance your knowledge with both hands-on experience and an ad-hoc learning path. You will discover the EssilorLuxottica Operations ecosystem, an industrial environment which integrates Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, Logistics, Supply Chain, New Product Introduction, R&D and Sourcing, where technology, innovation and product passion sit center stage.

The OTP consists of a structured onboarding part, the Academy, which happens in the first 6 months of the program, and a subsequent training program on management topics, in partnership with a major European Business School. After one year, you will have the opportunity to carry out your first job rotation, start your project work and participate in an exciting two-day Hackathon event with the international OTP community.

It is a unique opportunity to meet, learn and be inspired by industry leaders.

After 2 years and job rotations, you will have the opportunity to continue to grow professionally at EssilorLuxottica, in international locations such as Europe, United States, Brazil, China, Japan etc.

What we offer

Portrait of an OTP talent
Portrait of an OTP talent

A brilliant and motivated STEM or Business student or graduate, eager to grow and achieve long-term career goals at a global level.

A world citizen with a global mindset, interested in learning about different cultures, with an international attitude. 

A forward-thinker passionate about technology who unequivocally gives attention to innovation and industrial operations.

A young talent who is willing to pioneer new frontiers, foster inclusivity and collaboration, embrace agility, ignite passion, and make a positive impact on the world.

Discover where OTP takes place

Agordo (Italy)

Créteil (France)

Rayong (Thailand)

Atlanta (USA)

Campinas, San Paulo, Sumaré, Manaus (Brasil)

Mexico City (Mexico)

Alessandra Maci
New Products Development Engineer | MSC Engineering Physics

It is the exposure offered since the beginning through trainings and exchange of information, that gived us the chance to rapidly acquire a vision on the company, on its dynamics, on several different fields. The frequent contact with experienced people that dedicated their time to us is indeed valuable because it allows us to open our mind beyond our specific role and progressively look at the big picture of the organization.

Matilde Rocha
Instruments Category Leader JR | MSC Biomedical Engineering

I love that during the OTP we're constantly facing new cultures and new experiences, that we cannot find everywhere. If you want to get inspired by new places or learn new skills, there is no lack of opportunities here.

Tom Lemans
Process Engineering PM | MSC Bioscience Engineering

Through the OTP program, I was able to learn about operations as a whole, by experiencing it first hand.I appreciated how much visibility and exposure we received from leaders, store managers and production supervisors and how they were all willing to share their own personal experience to guide ours better.

Ready to start your journey in EssilorLuxottica?
Ready to start your journey in EssilorLuxottica?
Ready to start your journey in EssilorLuxottica?