Empowering ECPs with new Expert Myopia Care solution

In response to the global myopia prevalence challenge, EssilorLuxottica’s new Expert Myopia Care solution empowers eyecare professionals (ECPs) to scale their expertise and better detect, monitor and manage myopia.

Essilor Luxottica’s comprehensive turnkey solution includes the Myopia Expert 700 instrument and its dedicated protocol to help ECPs provide superior service to their patients, setting them apart as a reference myopia care center.

With Expert Myopia Care, ECPs benefit from a scalable, professional protocol to effectively and proactively manage myopia from early detection to long-term monitoring.

Myopia Care

The solution covers every step of the patient journey from interview and eye exam screening to refraction and prescription. The axial length is measured non-invasively and with great accuracy with the Myopia Expert 700 instrument, providing an essential benchmark for ECPs to monitor the effectiveness of the myopia control solution over the long term.

Easy-to-adopt solution for professionals of all levels

Connected to a wide range of instruments, Expert Myopia Care collects key patient data, including comprehensive interview, axial length, objective and subjective refraction, which is then automatically transferred to the ECP in an intuitive dashboard.

It also displays patient data against normative databases to facilitate myopia progression monitoring, making it accessible to professionals of all levels of experience.

Creating long-term customer relationships

Expert Myopia Care provides a patient-friendly interface to explain clinical results in a meaningful way, involving patients and their families in myopia management. ECPs can also offer patients a personal Myopia Passport that combines all their myopia data, recommendations and their schedule for follow-up appointments. It is an excellent tool for building engagement, trust and customer loyalty.

All of the features combined make Expert Myopia Care a solution that enables ECPs to not only grow their expertise, but also ensure long-term quality care for their patients.

View the video below on Expert Myopia Care: