EssilorLuxottica’s Governance organization comprises three committees, which support, assist and advise the Group’s Board of Directors on three topics.

The Audit and Risk Committee is in charge of monitoring issues relating to the compilation and audit of accounts and financial information as well as the efficiency of the internal audit and risk management systems. It consists of three members.

  • Mr. Jean-Luc Biamonti (Chairman);
  • Ms. Cristina Scocchia;
  • Mr. Romolo Bardin.


The Nomination and Compensation Committee.

The main duties of the Nomination and Compensation Committee within the work of the Board of Directors consist of making some proposals relating to the appointment of the Corporate officers and the Company’s senior managers,  the assessment of the way the Board and its committees operate, assessment of EssilorLuxottica Governance with respect to the Best practices, prevent any conflict of interest concerning a corporate officers or a Company’s senior managers, the compensation of the corporate officers or a Company’s senior managers.

It consists of three members:

  • Mr. Andrea Zappia (Chairman);
  • Mr. José Gonzalo;
  • Mr. Romolo Bardin.


The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for corporate responsibility matters, sustainable development matters and Ethics & Compliance matters. It consists of three members:

  • Ms. Swati Piramal (Chairwoman);
  • Ms. Nathalie von Siemens;
  • Ms. Virginie Mercier Pitre.