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ACI and EssilorLuxottica together to raise awareness in Italy on the importance of regular eye checks for road users

ACI and EssilorLuxottica together to raise awareness in Italy on the importance of regular eye checks for road users

Milan, Italy (October 14th, 2021 – 11 am CEST) – The Automobile Club of Italy (ACI) and EssilorLuxottica today announced their partnership to launch a national “Action for good vision on the road” campaign, mobilizing the population through a coalition of partners to advocate road users with good vision. Together, ACI and EssilorLuxottica will leverage the global partnership between EssilorLuxottica and FIA(1) announced in July 2021 with the aim to mobilize public, institutions, mobility players and the optical industry on the recent United Nations call to ensure good vision for all road users and in turn, improve national road safety systems.

In August 2020, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted Resolution A/RES/74/299, proclaiming 2021-2030 as a new “Decade of Action for Road Safety”, with the objective of halving the number of road victims by 2030. To achieve this goal, the United Nations (UN) issued a set of recommendations(2), including a call for countries to implement appropriate, effective and evidence- based legislation on risk factors related to distracted or impaired driving. Adopting measures to ensure good vision for all road users is part of these recommendations. This call for action was confirmed in July 2021 where the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted Resolution A/RES/75/310 on “Vision for Everyone: accelerating action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Ensuring safe mobility is a key global priority, even more since the mobility transformation we experienced as a result of COVID. There has been a boom of bikes and scooters alongside cars on the road, exacerbating attention needs. Since eyesight is a key element to make safe decisions and anticipate potential risks on the road, appropriate visual correction and glare protection in all situations, day and night, are critical. In Italy, more than 3,000 people die on the road each year and 240,000 are injured, 7% seriously(3).Yet, a striking 24% of road users reported having difficulty seeing objects in the distance, with particular reference to road signs(4), putting lives at risk.

Today, ACI and EssilorLuxottica leverage the emblematic World Sight Day (October 14th, 2021) to kick off the national campaign for good vision and safer roads in Italy, joined by a coalition of committed partners among which IGPDecaux, Salmoiraghi & Vigano and Eye Care Professionals across the country. Together they will promote to the public the “Check your vision” FIA golden rule through an “out of home” and digital awareness campaign. ACI will also involve its 1 million club members to get ready for the road with good vision. Stepping up in 2022, ACI and EssilorLuxottica intend to collaborate on a deeper understanding of population needs for Vision and Road Safety in Italy, as well as to deploy joint advocacy initiatives and public events to develop actions for good vision on the road among professional drivers, driving schools and all road users at large.

Vision is vital on the road. EssilorLuxottica’s commitment for safer roads is part of our wider responsibility as the industry leader and our mission to help people ‘see more, be more and live life to its fullest’. Public awareness about the importance of good vision remains low. This leading collaboration with ACI in Italy demonstrates our willingness to put in motion the partnership with the FIA to create a positive and meaningful impact on road users’ safety through good vision”, commented Francesco Milleri CEO of EssilorLuxottica and Paul du Saillant, Deputy CEO of EssilorLuxottica.

Distractions, recklessness and visual deficits cause too many accidents every day and ACI's role is to raise awareness among people on the value of prevention” says Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President of the Automobile Club of Italy. “This can be done in several ways, from trainings for drivers to eyes exams. Putting together our respective expertise, ACI and EssilorLuxottica in the coming months want to focus on the connection between poor vision and car accidents rate


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